Wondering how to pick the Best Holiday Party Themes?

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You know how we all have that one friend that throws the best parties all throughout the year? Well, you can do that too, and even better! Because everybody loves the holidays, the key to picking the best holiday party themes is to keep it simple! Going back to the basics ensures that your parties incorporates all that the chosen holiday is about.

However, before picking a theme, it is important to consider a few things:

1. The Budget - How much are you willing to spend? Your decorative choices, food choices as well as number of guests will all depend on this.

2. Type of Guests - Who are you inviting to this Holiday Party? Your decoration and food choices will vary depending on the age group.

3. Space - How much can your venue accommodate? Is your home big enough for many people? Do you have space for food, decorations and even games? Do you want to utilize your backyard as well as indoors?

Once these things are established, the fun part comes in! How do I pick the best theme for my holiday party? Well like before, keeping it simple is always the best way to go. if you close your eyes, what comes to mind when you think about your holiday? Let's take Christmas for example. Do snowflakes, hot cocoa and twinkling lights fill your mind while the smell of a crackling fire and fresh pine fills your nose? Well then, cut out the snowflake shapes, brew the hot cocoa and string the lights. Your home will be a winter wonderland in no time! Or maybe when you think about Christmas you think about the beach, the ocean and soft sand under your toes? Putting a fun spin on the classic winter Christmas into a Hawaiian beach party will pleasantly surprise and entertain your guests.

Still not too sure? Below are a few themes to help you get your creative juices flowing:

•  Easter

Were easter eggs and the hunt your best memory from childhood? Well, who says it has to stay there? Create an adult easter egg hunt with fun prizes and snacks. Or, for a more sophisticated event, plan a sit-down meal with the appropriate decor and menu plan.

•  4th of July

If you want to make a "boom" - fireworks and a picnic could be something fun. Or, have all your guests come dressed in the patriotic color palette and turn your backyard into one of fun and games with corn hole, kickball etc.

•  Thanksgiving

Give your guests a rustic Thanksgiving party by decorating with pumpkins, burlap and seasonal hot drinks. Or, centre your party around food and have a roast turkey or pumpkin pie cook off.

Really, picking the best holiday party themes comes down to what you as an individual love about that particular holiday. Adding your own personal touches and traditions is special and will be memorable for all your guests, who, guaranteed will love your holiday party for all the reasons that you do.

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